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i m having a list of franchises , their I D .number and value

i m having a list of franchises collected from BIZON .COM The rate starts from 1000/- $ cad to 3,00,000/- $ cad . first of all the rates given in the list are they genuine . 2nd : i need break up what would be the actual rate of the franchise like franchise rate is 10,000/- $ cad so it will include what ? like : tax , franchise fees , lawyer fees ,products from the seller ,for example , suppose if i m buying grocery store franchise , what are the things it will include , or suppose , cleaning or pest service . i'll have to buy chemicals and rent a place . last email you have mentioned 1] E 2 visa 2] financing option to purchase franchise 3] English language. I want you to help me and guide me to get E 2 visa , i have explained above regarding finance options . and my English is O K . i m not interested in america but i would prefer canada . there is religious discrimination in America i m a sikh and its ridiculous that some American don't know the difference between a sikh and muslim . Mr. steve in the last email you have mentioned that you can connect me to a immigration advicers and it is not free , how much do these advicers charge . Most important note : I'm not going to pay anythng online . WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU THANK YOU PARAMJEET SINGH

Apr 20, 2017 04:10

posted by paramjeet

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Wall Street Deals Get Done Faster Than Small Business M&A

A great question was asked by John Hyde on WhatTheyThink? And I think my answer is something that every entrepreneur and business owner should see. He asked: How is it possible that corporate giants AT&T and Time Warner reach an agreement on the terms of a merger in only two months while many small business owners languish over deals for six months, nine months, or even years? My answer is simple: Corporate giants are more organized, prepared and they engage in effective communication to avoid wasting time. SMEs, entrepreneurs and business brokers should take note in order to move deals quicker! Best of luck selling, NP

Jan 12, 2017 21:15

posted by Nunzio Presta

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Help for my distressed business

In USA, New Jersey. Me: stupidly thought I could remove 900K from my thriving business to build my dream home without damaging the business. Fast forward to today and I stand to lose both without an investment. Could use a private equity loan or willing to take on partner. There is a lot of debt but with proper level of investment (not as much as you think) turnaround would occur within 9 months or so. 2015 sales: 6 million with a staff of 4 (inclusive of me, not drawing a salary) - we are a wholesale distributor of tools, test equipment, safety and MRO supplies. Two e-commerce websites, ebay store, amazon store and we sell several products directly to Amazon. Company is a proprietorship which expedites the need for a solution. Would like to incorporate after we are fixed.

Jan 03, 2017 12:57

posted by HVACRTOOLS

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To Grow My Appliance Repair Business Like Sears Home Services?

Hi, I am Anjali from new Delhi, India. I Started Home appliance repair services business in this year, Now I want to create franchisee in other major cities of India. I also has been prepared my self with mob application and web portal to create a system to distribute the leads among our franchisee or associated service partner. But I am confused about the documentation/contract agreements for this network. I need your help to suggest me to grow my business with franchisee network in other cities. Actually i want to create it like sears home services work in that countries. I will be very great-full to you if you can give me advice to handle this network like what will be better to take services from franchisee distributors or other way. How can i reach to right person to allot our franchisee...

Aug 10, 2016 11:14

posted by DelhiRepairs

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How to Sell an Online Business For A Lot of Money

There has always been something exciting to me about building up a business and selling it to a new owner. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. Its not the end all be all, and its not always my goal, but I do find it exciting. Between myself and many friends and business partners, Ive been involved in many businesses that were sold, some of which for quite substantial sums. I get questions all the time from entrepreneurs who want to know how to build a business that they can sell in the future. Ive learned a few things that have helped me along the way. Im going to show you in this post exactly how to sell an online business for maximum dollar. Read more here:

Apr 16, 2016 07:46

posted by Nunzio Presta

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Apr 09, 2016 01:00

posted by Nunzio Presta

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