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$30,000 CAD


Car Wash and Professional Detailing

Millgrove, ON


$30,000 CAD


Car Wash and Professional Detailing

Millgrove, ON


Waterdown Car Detailing is a mobile car detailing business who details at location of the customers house. Started in 2016 by 2 university students, the company has grown significantly over 4 years, maintaining a stellar customer base of over 750 clients, and hiring 4-6 employees each summer. Currently, we operate two separate detailing crews 5 days a week, and reduce to one crew operating throughout the weekends. The company has invested into top of the line detailing equipment including high-powered extractors, steamers, vacuums, power washers, and a trailer to carry everything to the job site. Once at the job site, the water from the customers house is used for the washing, while the gas generator is used to power the rest of the equipment. Waterdown Car Detailing customers are both commercial and residential. On the residential side there is a mix between families with messy children, to car fanatics who would like a fresh wax on their sports car. On the commercial side, we have contracts with landscaping fleets, school busses, and construction companies. Operation is from May to August with a monthly revenue of $15,000.

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